Monday, March 12, 2012

Vegas, Baby!

As I pulled up to DFW Airport to hit the road for the fabulous Sara Frankovich's Bachelorette party, I could not help but be super pumped! Visions of sitting poolside, walking the strip, casinos, bumpin' music from swanky night clubs, Beatles music from Crique's "Beatles: Love" with the most amazing friends swirl through my mind in anticipation. Little did I know this would all come to a crash for a split second when I miss my flight by 1 minute (cuz of stupid bag check rules) making my only option to fly stand by. But,in the end, after many hours, headaches, and arguments with airport personnel I ended up at the beautiful Venetian in VEGAS, BABY, just in time for dinner! 

So, after getting "de-plane-ified" and getting "vegas-ified" we headed out for a night on the town that was so fun- let's just say I felt a little out of place in my jeans, but the cute sparkle top kinda made up for it!

The next morning we set out for a day of sight-seeing and the lingerie shower! We stopped by the Bellagio to see the famous water show! What a sight! It was so amazingly done that it reminded me of a beautifully choreographed, synchronized dance! 

After the shower, came the MAIN EVENT! Whoohoo! The Bachelorette Extravaganza: Dinner, Cirque de Soleil's "Beatles:LOVE!", and a night out on the town!!! The Cirque show was amazing-my favorite yet! I forgot how much I love the Beatles music, and how much I miss dance and performing! My favorite number had to be, "Blackbird" or "Hey Jude." The concept of the show was amazing because it took the audience through history using many different story lines all set to Beatles music! What a show! 

Sadly, the next morning my time in Vegas was rapidly coming to a close! But, oh, you best believe there was time for Serendity and their famous frozen hot chocolate!

After a great weekend it was time to head to the Vegas airport and head back to reality- job searching in DFW. As I sat in the Chili's in PHX- reflecting on the weekend-I was thanking God for my blessings and being able to spend the weekend having so much fun with some of my best friends!

Until next time-I leave you with some more pics from my trip!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things I'm Lovin' This Week!

TV Shows:
Move over Bravoleberties, Andy Cohen, and RHOwhatevercity! The Good Christian Belle's of Dallas's "Hillside Park" have hit the silver screen. This satirical view of Christians as hypocritical, back-stabbing, southern "belles" had me rolling on the floor laughing but then taking a look in the mirror at the same time. Was this the writer's intention? The main "belle", played by none other than Ms. Kristen Chenoweth, was the worst of them all, driving around in her Bentley with John 3:16 on the bumper! This is Mean Girls plus RHW all rolled into one! I cannot get enough of the shows one-liners and it has caused me to take a look at my actions. "We just hope 'its' here for good......not evil" 

This enthralling and fresh take on the reality& singing competition is back for season 2 and I love it! The singers are amazing and the chemistry between Adam,Christina,Ce-Lo, and Blake is unmatched! IF you like great music, you must check out this show!

The Civil Wars-Dance Me to the End of Love

FUN.-We are Young 

Cody Johnson Band-Diamond in My Pocket

Mark Morrison-Return of the Mack (an oldie but a goodie)

Clothes I Wish Would Appear in My Closet

Favorite Pinterest Finds of the Week: